DESIGN – Your ideas and mine, I collaborate with clients to give them a custom look that fits their needs while maintaining best and current practices



DEVELOP – A Great design is just the start, implementation is key to success, melding the parts into harmony, tying form to function




E-COMMERCE – Storefronts, SSL, Shipping, Taxes, You’ll be ready to start selling soon.





MARKETING – Social Media, Google, SEO and more • Setup, Integration, Training




HOSTING – Fast and Secure Servers scaled your needs at affordable prices





MAINTANACE– I keep the bones of your website updated






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Whether you need a Full blown e-commerce site, a portfolio website, a small business capabilites site or just a blog, DesignitSD can do it for you. I have designed all these and more. A new site from the ground up or just a couple of missing pages, good design melds your needs with your business culture to come up with a refreshing but functional way to bolster your online presence.



In today’s fluid and ever-changing world the key in website design is MOBILE while maintaining a perfectly honed desktop experience as well. The key in any development is to be Responsive, all my sites are coded with various platforms in mind.



These days everyone sells online, you should too. I can help make that a reality with tools that will make your online sales easier than you dreamed.




Website marketing comes down to those who are willing to try new things, who play the game as needed to accomplish their goals. Sometimes that may mean PPC, sometimes it may mean Tweeting like there is no tomorrow. We all want eyes on our pages – I’m here to help!



There are many choices when it comes to hosting a website and frankly you get what you pay for. You want peace of mind, speed, reliability, and security with our multiple hosting options I offer the right fit for your needs.



Websites need updating all the time, security patches, code upgrades, occur frequently. I keep it all updated so you don’t have to worry about maintenance and will be able to concentrate on content.